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  Home arrow About Us Tuesday, 27 October 2020
Welcome to Cyrus the Great Home Page PDF Print E-mail
I'm Akbar Nemati. I established this website, on the basis of one of my goals; I want to show our King Cyrus the Great's way of Akbar Nemati Covenant with Cyrus the Greatliving and governing. I try to follow the way of our Great King of ancient time (580-529 BC).

I have also another web site that you can find every thing Persia and Persian Culture which titled Dusharm.

 For 4 years, I was an editor of a magazine, Nojum, that published articles about astronomy. Hereby, I present my web site ""  which is about Astronomy. I am experienced in web-designing and it is really a cool job !

I like painting and observing stars during when I'm free.
 I would appreciate it if anyone who care about persia and have great information about King Cyrus the Great, Please contact me.

(C) 2020 Cyrus The Great
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